Security Software (Old Version)

We provide customized, integrated software for your security force to quickly document a variety of activities that are required throughout every shift around the clock. Using our software, security officers at a wide range of posts including roving, stationary, supervisory, and management positions can easily and efficiently document their post reporting responsibilities.

Southworth Solutions e-reporting software is a comprehensive local and/or cloud based documentation program that ensures your security operation will conduct all your reporting requirements with ease and quick access for security officers, management, and client reviewing.

  • The Electronic Shift Activity Reporting software is a great benefit for your organization which allows you to report, view, archive, and maintain indefinitely.
  • The Unusual Incident Report (UIR) software is an express incident reporting tool that streamlines and organizes all the details from any type incident the officer may need to record vital information for matters that arise at your client site.

Key Features & Benefits:

♦ Shift Activity Reports

♦ Express Incident Reports

♦ Intuitive Touch Interface

♦ Cascading Dropdown Observation Selections

♦ Mobile Patrol Reporting

♦ Area Manager Reporting

♦ Executive Manager Program

♦ Software easily used on PC or Tablet

Easy to Use

Little to no typing is required for general or repetitive reporting, and when needed, an officer can type entries details to complete a report.    





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Screens designed for quick reporting, easy to document, and allows security officers an efficient way to report accurately.

The click of a mouse creates a document for all your reporting requirements with quick access to view or print for all your departments needs.