Onscreen Visual Layout


Eliminate clip-boards and paper and increase efficiency, accuracy and resident satisfaction

Condo Onscreen Layouts & Vacancy Visualization

With just a touch or a click you can see immediately the layout of the building and who is on-site or away. This is great in emergency situations where  you need to know the layout of the facility and know exactly who is onsite and who is not.

Easy to use

Little to no typing is required to operate the system. Our product works with touchscreens as well as mouse and keyboard. Just tap on an icon representing the residence unit and all of the information about that unit will instantly appear on the screen. Tap a name on the pre-authorized visitors list and the guest is instantly logged in with the date and time automatically inserted. The system is specifically designed for intuitive operation, so training time for all users is minimal - about five minutes.

With our graphical touch or click interface

You can answer these questions and many more:

♦  Who is in my building now and to which unit have they gone?
♦  Did the cleaning service for unit 315 come last week?
♦  Which units are currently occupied?
♦  Let me see a color-coded occupancy diagram.
♦  Is Carly Simon authorized to visit unit 674?
♦  Who checked out the backdoor key for unit 417?
♦  Has the Fedex package for Mrs. Harris arrived and has it been delivered?
♦  Which parking spaces have been assigned to unit 222?

The answer to these and many more questions are concisely organized and instantly accessible.

Reduce training time by having your new security officers trained and up and running in just a few hours as opposed to days or weeks. Our software increases job satisfaction of security officers and will reduce turnover in your gatehouse and concierge staff.