Gatehouse Software

Entry Control Software For Gated Communities

We provide customized, integrated software systems for managing, tracking and documenting vehicular and pedestrian access to guarded residential communities. Using our software, your security staff can access up-to-the-minute data and reports, enabling them to expedite entry processing.

Our software maintains a comprehensive residents' database showing authorized visitors-- both personal guests and commercial visitors are listed. Every vehicle authorized for entry into the community is recorded and can be tracked.

The program records residents' instructions, allowing security personnel to interact with arriving guests and contractors, and to print out temporary vehicle permits right at the gate. Residents can permanently list personal and commercial visitors as well as leave specific instructions which the guard may relay to visitors.

Key Features & Benefits:

♦  Easy-to-use Color-keyed Graphical Interface
♦ Onsite Guest & Visitor Logging
On-Screen Directions to Residence
♦ In-house Package Tracking
  In Residence and Away Units
♦  Parking Maps
♦  Parking Space Assignments
♦  Touch enabled Building Locations
♦  Guest Authorization
♦  Guest Identity Validation
♦  Customized Data Screens
♦  Resident and Visitor Lookup
♦  and More.....

Ease Of Use

Little to no typing is required to operate the system, Our product works with touchscreens as well as mouse and keyboard. Just tap on an icon representing the residence unit and all of the information about that unit will instantly appear on the screen. Tap a name on the pre-authorized visitors list and the guest is instantly logged in with the date and time automatically inserted. The system is specifically designed for intuitive operation, so training time for all users is minimal - about five minutes.

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The Oaks Bayside


Screens designed for quick, easy reading, allow guards to respond efficiently and accurately.

The click of a mouse tracks visitors as they arrive; it produces needed information on-screen or in print, in seconds.

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