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Facial Recognition Technology


Service Is Our #1 Priority

Customization is a keyword in our vocabulary. From the beginning, we establish a close working relationship with our clients. Although we have much experience with access-controlled situations, we first do an on-site survey and evaluation. We evaluate existing systems and methods and when appropriate recommend alternatives or work-arounds which may be more efficient or cost-saving

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we will begin customizing our software specifically for the client community. Part of the programming task involves acquiring and converting existing data. To reduce costs, we ask that the community provide to us, in an electronic format such as an Excel™ file, the basic resident data including names of "permanently" authorized personal and commercial guests.

Our service doesn't stop there. We install the software ourselves, and test it thoroughly before beginning the training of key personnel. We produce a User's Guide - again customized for your specific situation. Once the software is up and running, we check in frequently to make sure our system is working properly.

gatehouse security

Gated Control Software


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  • Designed for communities of 100 to 6500 units
  • No internet connection required for remote gatehouses
  • With an internet connection, additional capabilities provided
  • Software licensed to community with data files accessible to any vendor
  • You are not locked into Southworth Solutions.