Electronic Shift Reporting


Southworth Solutions software provides an enterprise solution for collecting, organizing, and presenting real-time data from your security operations. Our software can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer eliminating the need of inefficient and costly paper-based reporting. From security operations, property managers, and concierge, Southworth Solutions is the solution to streamlining your operations.








Key Features & Benefits:

♦ Our software gives you the competitive edge you need to acquire new accounts and secure existing ones. We give you the tools needed to satisfy your clients with the innovative and unique technology.

♦ On screen post orders and officer verified start up procedures ensures your staff conducts duties and responsibilities in a timely manner and efficiently

♦ Southworth Solutions helps increase employee performance and sense of accountability and professionalism.

♦ Going paperless benefits the environment that shows your conscious of going "green" and shows your value matches theirs in a paperless system