Who Are We?

 Our Software Team











Company History

♦ Founded in 2008 - First customer was a gated golf course community in Venice, FL

♦ In 2009 we added 5 more gated communities 

♦ We added the first condominium community in 2010 and have been growing steadily ever since


Company People

 ♦ Collection of "senior" and junior geeks from right here in Sarasota, FL, New York and Utah

♦ Constantly bringing in new talent and expertise to increase and improve our services

♦ Education: 2 PhDs, 3 MSs, 4 BSs, 1 Associates

♦ Science and math, graphic arts, computer science, and business administration


Company Expertise

♦ Software development (design and programming)

♦ Web design and software using Microsoft products and languages

♦ Problem solving - it's in our DNA

♦ We ARE the developers - we can (and do) customize our software products


Call for a free demonstration or quote (941) 587- 3288


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