Our Team



Clark Southworth


Current:  Founder & Managing Partner, Southworth Solutions LLC

Previous: COL, Medical Service Corps, US Army

Education:  PhD, BS, Biochemistry, Biology and Chemistry

Current memberships:

  1. Community Associations Institute
  2. Military Officers Association of Sarasota

Garth Harding



  1. Business Advisor, Southworth Solutions LLC
  2. Board member, Canandaigua National Trust Company of Florida

Previous:  Commercial credit and lending for First National Bank of Maryland

Education: MS, BS, Mathematics

Current activities:

  1. Volunteer, Suncoast Center for Independent Living
  2. Recreational golf and travel


Bob Kaufman

Bob K. 2-2016


  1. Senior software engineer, Southworth Solutions LLC
  2. Translator (French & Spanish) Southworth Solutions LLC
  3. Best Buy™ Cameras and Computers & Tablets


1. Executive VP  Diversified Data Services, Inc.

2. Systems Analyst

Education: BA, Business administration

Current activities:

  1. Best Buy™, part time sales, translator, consultant
  2. Symphony, theater, other performing arts

Mitchell Stromme



  1. Manager- Sales, Training & Tech Support, Southworth Solutions LLC
  2. WordPress
  3. Web Designer


  1. Best Buy™ Mobile
  2. Security Administration Securitas USA

Education:   A.A. Business Administration

Current Activities:

  1. Involved in community mission work assisting the homeless
  2. Recreational jet skiing and beach dwelling

John Corning


Current: President, Web Host Services LLC


  1. Director of Software Development, Source Interlink Companies, Bonita Springs, FL
  2. Director of New Business Development, Neomedia Technologies, Fort Meyers, FL
  3. President, Comprehensive Law Enforcement Systems, Madison, WI

Education: B.S. Computer Science, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Current Activities:

  1. Sarasota Ballet
  2. Sarasota Sailing Squadron
  3. Bicycling
  4. Professional Musician

Gary Harding

Current: Software Engineer/Statistician, Southworth Solutions LLC

Previous: Statistician, Data Analyst, General Electric Corp.

Education: PhD, Mathematics

Current Activities:

  1. Volunteer, Suncoast Center for Independent Living
  2. Recreational golf and hiking


Adam Gaynor


    1. Software Consultant, Southworth Solutions LLC

    2. Software Engineer, VenueNext

Previous: Software Development Intern at Brown University

Education: B.A. Psychology- Tufts University, Web Development Immersive- App Academy

Current Activities:

1. Visiting Museums

2. Exploring new cuisines

3. Video games

4. Murder mysteries