Our Team



Clark Southworth


Current:  Founder & Managing Partner, Southworth Solutions LLC

Previous: COL, Medical Service Corps, US Army

Education:  PhD, BS, Biochemistry, Biology and Chemistry

Current memberships:

  1. Community Associations Institute
  2. Military Officers Association of Sarasota

Garth Harding



  1. Business Advisor, Southworth Solutions LLC
  2. Board member, Canandaigua National Trust Company of Florida

Previous:  Commercial credit and lending for First National Bank of Maryland

Education: MS, BS, Mathematics

Current activities:

  1. Volunteer, Suncoast Center for Independent Living
  2. Recreational golf and travel


Bob Kaufman

Bob K. 2-2016


  1. Senior software engineer, Southworth Solutions LLC
  2. Translator (French & Spanish) Southworth Solutions LLC
  3. Best Buy™ Cameras and Computers & Tablets


1. Executive VP  Diversified Data Services, Inc.

2. Systems Analyst

Education: BA, Business administration

Current activities:

  1. Best Buy™, part time sales, translator, consultant
  2. Symphony, theater, other performing arts

Mitchell Stromme



  1. Manager- Sales, Training & Tech Support, Southworth Solutions LLC
  2. WordPress
  3. Web Designer


  1. Best Buy™ Mobile
  2. Security Administration Securitas USA

Education:   A.A. Business Administration

Current Activities:

  1. Involved in community mission work assisting the homeless
  2. Recreational jet skiing and beach dwelling

Gary Harding

Current: Software Engineer/Statistician, Southworth Solutions LLC

Previous: Statistician, Data Analyst, General Electric Corp.

Education: PhD, Mathematics

Current Activities:

  1. Volunteer, Suncoast Center for Independent Living
  2. Recreational golf and hiking


Adam Gaynor

Adam Ganyor


    1. Software Consultant, Southworth Solutions LLC

    2. Software Engineer, VenueNext

Previous: Software Development Intern at Brown University

Education: B.A. Psychology- Tufts University, Web Development Immersive- App Academy

Current Activities:

1. Visiting Museums

2. Exploring new cuisines

3. Video games

4. Murder mysteries