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Southworth Solutions (SWS) is the leader in Concierge and Gatehouse software established in 2008. Well established in the Sarasota area, SWS has a proven record in customer service and client satisfaction. One of our strengths is being able to provide solutions to unique problems and processes by providing Concierge and Gatehouse software adapted to your specific needs. Our new clients benefit from our experience and success. Make an appointment to talk with one of our representatives today! Call 941-587-3288 or email

Southworth Solutions Products and Services

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Condominium Products:

Condominium Concierge Desk Software
Condominium Visitor Management Software

♦ Electronic guest registration
♦ Fast logging of guests and vendors
♦ Online management of guest lists
♦ Eliminate ALL paper logs and clipboards
♦ Onscreen directions to residence
♦ Parking space assignments
♦ Key sign-in / sign-out registration
♦ Guest Arrival Alerts via Text Message to Resident
♦ Condo building onscreen layout

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Gatehouse Products:

Visitor management software
Resident information database

♦ Fast logging of guests and vendors
♦ Online management of guest lists
♦ Guest Arrival Alerts via Text Message to Resident 
♦ Onscreen directions to residence
♦ Onscreen expected visitors list
♦ Onscreen "Handy Notes" (replaces handwritten sticky notes)
♦ Easy report options with direct attachment to email
♦ Physical key or access card issue and return tracking
♦ Package receipt log with tracking scanner options

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Security Products:

Electronic Shift Reporting Software
Express Incident Reporting Software

♦ On screen post orders and officer verified start up procedures
♦ Software is accessible from a variety of devices
♦ Going paperless benefits the environment by going 'green'
♦ Collecting, organizing, and presenting real-time data for your security team
♦ Reports can be accessed by management while the officer is still out in the field
♦ Incident reports are searchable through a complete historical data base
♦ Easy to use software that requires minimal training for security staff and management

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